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Enhance your marketing decisions with industry-leading technology

As a feedyard producer, you’re continually monitoring market conditions and preparing your cattle in an ever-changing cattle market. Partnering with GrowSafe Systems® gives you access to the most powerful decision-making tool to support you in your marketing decisions. Our GrowSafe Beef® (GSB) technology, featured in our Beef Marketing Program, continually weighs your animals, monitoring individual animal performance and reducing the stress related to traditional chute weighing.

We are working with partner feedlots to further advance our optimal marketing decision tools, predicting hot carcass weight and identifying early changes in animal behavior. If you are interested in joining our network, become a GrowSafe Insider today.

GrowSafe’s program automatically enables you to:

  • Measure partial body weight (PBW) every second the animal is at the water trough
  • Monitor individual animal behavior and gain in a group or pen environment
  • Predict individual animal live body weights
  • Optimize marketing decisions by predicting live weights in advance

GrowSafe’s program provides you with:

  • Optimal marketing
    • GrowSafe uses multiple PBWs captured by our GSB technology to measure and monitor individual animal performance
  • Inventory management
    • Utilizing the GSB you can continuously and automatically track and monitor individual animals
  • Behavioral flags
    • GrowSafe monitors changes in individual animal behavior providing you with data to support superior pen management
  • Automated animal marking
    • The GSB unit automatically paints the animals you select as soon as the EID tag is read for quick and easy visual identification

How GrowSafe Systems® can help

  • Optimal Marketing

    Measure individual daily
    animal gain

  • Reduce Labor

    Visually mark animals selected as ready for market

  • Inventory Management

    Manage pen inventory and track individual animals

  • Maximize Profits

    Optimize marketing decisions with data

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