Beef Marketing


A data platform that provides you with precise individual animal information to support your daily decision making

GrowSafe’s Beef Marketing Program, based around our industry leading GrowSafe Beef® technology, provides you daily weight and gain information, enabling you to manage animals as individuals, monitoring performance, predicting carcass weight and optimally marketing cattle.

With years of experience in the making GrowSafe Beef technology has emerged as the future of bovine weighing technology. A full-scale study consisting of 4.59 million weight records across different days, times and animals demonstrates that GrowSafe Beef Technology is more consistent than chute-weighing on an individual animal basis.

GrowSafe’s program provides you with:

  • Performance management
    • Manage variation by individual animal and pen
    • Rank animals or the pen for action
  • Animal well-being
    • GrowSafe detects changes in individual animal behavior and provides you with data to support superior pen management
  • Nutrition insights
    • Assess rations and performance of individual animals
    • Feeding regime verification
  • Labor optimization
    • Marketing functionality reduces labor-intensive in pen identification
    • Decrease the number of trips through the chute
  • Marketing
    • Market more uniform loads of cattle
    • Reduce heavy and light weight carcasses
    • Improve premiums for grid-based marketing

How GrowSafe Systems® can help

  • Manage Performance

    Measure individual daily
    animal gain

  • Optimize Labor

    Visually mark animals selected as ready for market

  • Inventory Management

    Manage pen inventory and track individual animals

  • Maximize Profits

    Optimize marketing decisions with data

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What our customers say

“At Lawsons Angus the use of GrowSafe technology has provided an effective tool to monitor our individual cattle performance in a number of ways. The data we get from GrowSafe provides us with insights related to ration performance which gives us accurate nutritional information without the stress of chute weighing. GrowSafe is also an effective tool for monitoring our weaners. Our standard weaning protocols include a period of rumen development for calves in containment areas, which we have set up using GrowSafe Beef units. Being able to monitor their development and animal health from a young age gives us much greater management control.“

Harry Lawson
Lawsons Angus, Australia

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