Conor Colgan from Aidansfield Farm in the United Kingdom is looking for advancements in research to increase the efficiency of his diversified operation.

Feed efficiency plays a key role in a successful operation due to the pasture the cattle graze. “It’s important the herd is efficient here, as this is 4.5t/acre wheat country,” says Colgan, who farms on a heavy clay loam over a limestone substrate. Colgan goes onto say, “The cows need to be producing an income of £800/acre to justify themselves against the wheat.”

Aidansfield Farm is a GrowSafe Systems® partner enrolled in the Beef Genetics Program, as part of their sustainability and efficiency initiatives. They will be using the information provided to genetically select for feed efficiency to make improvements in their herd over time, improving feed efficiency,* reducing manure and methane production** and maximizing profits.

Colgan’s goal is to run the herd at a 10 percent replacement rate and increase residual feed intake otherwise known in the UK as net feed efficiency of the cattle by 20 percent in 10 years, with the end goal of being able to run 165 cows on 60ha (one cow an acre).


Read more about the advancements taking place at Aidansfield Farm.



*Selecting for Low RFI cattle reduces overall feed intake by up to 12% while maintaining the same level of production.
**Selecting for low RFI cattle reduces manure NPK production up to 17% and greenhouse gas emissions such as methane, up to 30%.