GrowSafe Systems Ltd.

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About Us

Camiel Huisma founded GrowSafe in 1990 with a vision to develop and commercialize technologies that would help livestock producers become more efficient, profitable and environmentally sustainable – whilst improving the welfare of their animals. Today, nearly 30 years later, we are still driven by that same vision, helping our customers face todays pressing challenges:

  • Rising populations and changing diets are dramatically increasing global demand for animal protein
  • Animal welfare, resource utilization and product safety are of increasing producer and consumer concern.
  • Pressure on the world’s natural resources is continually increasing and animal agriculture is often portrayed as a significant contributor to this pressure.
  • Increasingly tightening margins mean many farmers across the globe struggle to maintain profitability.

Headquartered in Calgary, Canada, GrowSafe builds advanced animal agriculture systems helping producers respond to these challenges in a lasting way. GrowSafe’s advanced data acquisition platform features integrated hardware and software analytics that provide producers with data to make better decisions for their operations. Today, GrowSafe is helping to raise more efficient, environmentally friendly and healthier animals in 22 U.S. states, seven Canadian provinces and on farms in Mexico, Australia, Brazil, Uruguay, Namibia, South Africa, New Zealand, Russia and Europe.

Our History

For nearly 30 years GrowSafe has been at the forefront of innovation in animal agriculture. From being one of the first organizations in North America to apply the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag—typically found in warehouse inventory management systems—to tracking and monitoring cattle, we are now pioneering predictive analytics on an individual animal basis, using cutting-edge technologies to support producers in making more informed decisions about their animals.

We continue to work with leading academics and producers to develop and optimize our technologies. Every product and solution GrowSafe releases is scientifically proven and industry tested through years of research, innovation and collaboration to deliver maximum value for our customers.